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The Internet

The Internet is a very powerful resource used for pleasure, work and information.   In the last 15 years the Internet has exploded from 20 million to over 2 Billion users.  The Internet is a collection of websites interconnected via hyperlinks.  We navigate these websites using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more.  Websites are displayed by the search engines when we type words into the search box.  The results show up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The words typed into these search engines are called KEYWORDS.

Websites rely on visitors to be successful and the more visitors a website receives the more successful it becomes.  The potential customer base is everyone who uses the internet which is over 2 billion!  To reach as many of these people as possible a website must be optimized for specific targeted Keywords and show up as close to the number 1 position in the SERP as possible.

Why it is important to have the number 1 position in the SERP.

The traffic from any given Keyword is heavily biased towards the number one position in the Search rankings.  Here is a guide to the traffic share for each position in the SERP.  The vast majority of traffic goes to the number 1 position in the search engine results page.

serp ranking Keywords...  Why They are so Important

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  • 1st = 42%
  • 2nd = 12%
  • 3rd = 9%
  • 4th = 6%
  • 5th = 5%
  • 6th = 4%
  • 7th = 3%
  • 8th = 3%
  • 9th =3%
  • 10th = 3%

The rest are distributed among the other results.

Example of traffic based on search results

Lets look at two different keywords:  2nd hand mountain bikes and second hand mountain bikes. These are very similar search queries but each brings up different search results.

Keyword Comparison Keywords...  Why They are so Important

(I am not associated with these websites - this is just an example)

Using the data above which tells us the percentage of people that click on each search result we can analyze the results to estimate the the traffic each example receives.

Example 1 has the first place for “2nd hand Mountain bikes” whilst it is down in 8th place for “second hand mountain bikes”.

Example 2 comes in at 2nd and 3rd place for the respective Keywords.  You would think that example 2 would get more traffic then example 1 because 2nd and 3rd is better then 1st and 8th.  Due to the biased percentage of traffic each position receives this is not the case.  To simplify this example we assume that 1000 people search for each of the keywords: “2nd hand mountain bikes” and “second hand mountain bikes” every day.  The amount of traffic to each website based on the position is as follows.

  • Example 1 receives 42% for being first and 3% for being 8th.  That’s 420 + 30 = 450 visitors per day.
  • Example 2 receives 12% for second and 8% for third.  That’s a total of 120 + 80 = 200 visitors per day.

So, example 1 receives 250% more number of visitors than Example 2.

This demonstrates the importance of the number 1 spot in the SERP.

When adding content to a website it is important to target specific keywords that can be ranked number 1 and have a significant number of people searching for that Keyword.

How to find valuable KeywordsMarket Samurai Keywords...  Why They are so Important

  1. Target Market – Total number of people who search for that Keyword every day?
  2. Competition – How many websites also have information about that keyword?
  3. Commercial value – What is the dollar value of that keyword?
  4. Relevancy – The relevance of this keyword to your website.

Discover the value of Keywords with

I have been using Market Samurai for about 6 months now and it is the best way to discover and then analyze Keywords.  They highlight the 4 golden rules vital to the success of a website: relevancy, traffic, competition and commerciality.  If you do not follow these important rules then your website will fail, wasting time and money.  Choosing the right Keywords are the key to creating a successful website.

Market Samurai is primarily a  tool that allows you to generate a list of up to 800 Keywords relevant to your Niche.  It analyses each keyword and provides you with a list of “Gold-Nugget” Keywords.  Keywords that are relevant to your site, have a high volume of search traffic, low competition and high market value.  You can evaluate these keywords further and compare the competition to make sure you dominate the market for that Keyword.

Once you have selected a primary Keyword, Market Samurai helps you discover lots of long tail keywords to support the primary keywords.  These long tail keywords can be targeted on pages within the website to .  Utilizing Market Samurai to find valuable keywords is essential to creating a successful website.  Analysing your competition for specific keywords gives you a massive advantage and allows your website to grow one keyword at a time.

Market Samurai is also so much more than just a .  It also has 7 other modules to help build a successful website.

  1. Rank Tracker – Track all of the search engine rankings for every page.
  2. SEO Competition – Analyze the top 10 competition for any keyword.
  3. Domains – Choose an optimised domain name.
  4. Monetization – Find products and services to promote and create revenue.
  5. Find Content – Research relevant articles to get ideas for content.
  6. Publish Content – Publish content directly to your site from Market Samurai.
  7. Promotion – Discover Backlinking opportunities to promote your website.

Click on the Banner to start your free trail!

468x60 v1 2 Keywords...  Why They are so Important

If you are only going to buy one piece of software to help create a great website then this is it!  Market Samurai is available as a Free Trial so you can try it risk free and will not be disappointed.  Remember once you have a website which is earning money it is virtually a passive income.  Who wouldn’t want extra money entering their bank account every month?  If you already have Market Samurai or have any questions about it please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and I hope Market Samurai will bring you success too!  You can find other great software on the Resources page.

Signature1 Keywords...  Why They are so Important



Paul Wright

P.S.  If you find a “Golden Nugget” Keyword and don’t know if it will be successful,  send me an email and I will check it out for you.


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