Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is independent of location.  The computing is done by super-servers that are in many cases stored in server farms.  These super-servers are accessed by your computer removing the need to have your own server.

Cloud Computing is a relatively new term that has gain massive exposure in recent years but it is something that has been around for over well over a decade.  It is extremely likely that you use these cloud based services on a daily basis.  Amazon and eBay are two Cloud based  sites that have changed the way we shop.  They work though huge server farms that process massive amounts of data from seller, buyers covering review prices special offers and tracking data, email updates.

Changes to the internet

Due to the rapid advancement that are being made and the huge competition, especially considering the current economic state of the world.  Services that are available through Cloud Computing are becoming more available and offer massive advantages to individuals, small businesses, and even large businesses.

Small to medium sized businesses – The main benefits are that on a small budget you can instantly obtain an enormous infrastructure that does not need to be either implemented or administered.  Due to the location free nature of Cloud Computing multiple offices all over the world can instantly collaborate seamlessly with each other.  As that business grows your  company need additional resources it can be added in a matter of minutes without the need to pay for additional hardware.

Cost - Cloud Computing is a much cheaper way to run a small to medium sized business due to the fact that you can completely remove you own servers and completely rely on Cloud Computing.  By not using servers you do not have to keep them maintained, you no longer have to worry about viruses, updates or licenses let your Cloud based provider take care of all that. If you are currently running your own server then the chances are you are using less then 50% of the servers capacity and if you have a good system you will also have a backup server that is all but redundant.  This means you are only using 25% so if you could share the cost with four other companies and use all of the space it would be much more cost efficient. Well this is the idea of Cloud Computing.

Access – regardless of you location or your needs if you set up your Cloud based services correctly you can have instant access to all you data all the time from any device in any location.  For example if you are going on a business trip and your luggage gets lost but you have to give a presentation. As long as you can get access to and Computer device you can still access you data.