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Twitter is the new biggest thing.

Twitter birds Get More Twitter FollowersThere are many benefits to Twitter including increased traffic to your Website or other locations on the web through link referrals, improved off site SEO making your website perform higher in the search engine results page and also social proof , if thousands of other people follow them they must be good.  When you first start using twitter it is hard to get more twitter followers and that is why we are here to help you.

How we Help you Get More Twitter Followers

In order to successfully use twitter you first need to get more twitter followers.  As you get more twitter followers you will also receive,  more exposure, more referrals, more sales, more traffic to you website and the better your Return of Investment (ROI).

This is what we do to Get More Twitter Followers

  1. Employ a method we developed to quickly gain a high number of targeted followers to your account organically;
  2. Setup and optimize your account to drive traffic where you need it most;
  3. Target active twitter users who are interested in what you have to offer and get them to follow you;
  4. Optimize your tweets to maximize website traffic;
  5. Send you a monthly update giving information on how your twitter account has grown; and
  6. Work month to month basis so if you decide you want to increase or decrease the service at anytime then you can do so.

Cost to get more twitter followers

Our fees can be customized to your needs.  Below is a summary of some of our packages and what you can expect to pay to improving your follower base:

  1. Account setup, customization and optimization (If required) – $150
  2. Monthly fees.  We offer multiple levels of service depending on you budget and goals
    • Level 1 (gain 200-300 followers per month) – $100 per month
    • Level 2 (gain 300-500 followers per month) – $200 per month
    • Level 3 (gain 500-800 followers per month) – $300 per month
    • Level 4 (gain 800-1200 followers per month) – $400 per month
    • Custom – pay per follower.  Tell us how many followers you want per month at 50 cents per follower.
  3. We recommend doubling the first months fee to quickly get more twitter followers.

If your new to twitter then here is  Twitter in plain English

Why Twitter Is Right For You

If you are part of a business with either a web presence or a physical location then you should use twitter to help generate new customers, clients and exciting leads through referral traffic from your tweets.  Twitter is one of the biggest growing trends, to put twitter in perspective Kim Kardashian get paid $10,000 per tweet to advertise products.

Benefits of getting more Twitter followers

Every time you tweet, it gets sent to all your followers and if your tweet contains a link some of your followers will follow that link, the better your tweet quality the more people will follow your link.  Once you get more twitter followers more people will follow the link.  It does not cost money to tweet making it one of the most efficient ways of advertising your product or service and generate new website traffic.

Do Some Research

Don’t just take our word for it… do some research!  Look at your competition or other companies and see if they have twitter accounts. Currently over 50% of the fortune 500 companies have a twitter account and that number is growing.  There is a good reason why they use twitter and you can too.  View this twitter case study and see real results from one of the accounts that we manage.
We appreciate your time and look forward to helping you get more twitter followers please contacts us for your free consultation.

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