mi1 866 Imagine School at Palmer Ranch

Imagine School at Palmer Ranch is a relatively new school in Sarasota, opening it doors to students in 2009.  It is part of the Imagine organization, comprised mostly of teachers, that operate 73 public charter schools in 12 states and the District of Columbia. They serve 35,000 students nationwide.

Their mission is to help parents and guardians educate their children by creating learning communities of achievement and hope.  was founded with the goal of restoring vision and purpose to schools and returning parents and guardians to full participation in the education of their children.  To educate children ages 0-18 through educational programs that focus on academic achievement and character development as measured by their six measures of excellence, Shared Values, Parent Choice and Satisfaction, Academic Achievement, Positive Character Development, Economic Sustainability and New School Development.

Wright Computing and Imagine School at Palmer Ranch

Wright Computing LLC  volunteer our services to help Imagine School at Palmer Ranch set up and maintain their technology, computing systems on online presence making sure that everything runs smoothly all of the time.  We continue to provide first and second line Tech Support to swiftly rectify any problems that might arise.  To help the school grow we assist with there online marketing, managing their twitter account to help them get more twitter followers and their Google Adwords account to help promote the school and encourage new students to enroll at Imagine School at Palmer Ranch.

Preparing for the new school year with Imagine School at Palmer Ranch

At the beginning of the second school year Wright Computing LLC made sure all of the Imagine School at Palmer Ranch had a fully functioning communications infrastructure.  The top floor of Imagine School at Palmer Ranch was not used in the first year, so in preparation for the second year we set up all the physical cable connectivity to the classrooms including the patch leads for both voice and data to allow each room to have a phone, a teacher’s laptop, 3 or 4 terminal N-computing student stations and a printer.  Once the physical connections were all in place then we did all the software configuration of the new equipment including building the N-computing student stations, building 10 new laptops for the teachers, adding all the equipment to the server, and setting up of all the new teacher and student accounts.  To keep up with more modern technology Wright Computing researched, purchased and installed a new Meraki wireless network.  This has improved the redundancy of the network and enables faculty to move freely around the classroom.  We work closely with the on site tech support teacher and often give help and suggestions on how to fix problems, going on campus to help fix more serious problems to keep Imagine School at Palmer Ranch operating as smoothly as possible.