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Our Background

Wright Computing is a relatively new company based in Sarasota.  Our Tech Support expert has been providing tech support for over a decade to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, from blistering hot War time Iraq to the Antarctic weather in the Falklands Islands.  Over the years he has become extremely efficient at fault finding and equipment repair.  We know from experience the critical nature of having all services working all the time.  We take pride in our ability to fix problems quickly and efficiently, providing you with the best remote tech support possible.

Our Approach to remote tech support

When a problem arises with your computer, phone, tablet or one of your online services, send us an email and we will quickly evaluate the problem and see if we can resolve it with a quick tip that we can send via an email.  If this does not solve your issue we will use our remote tech support software to take control of your computer and swiftly fix the problem whilst you watch.  If a fault is of a critical nature then we operate a work until the fault is resolved policy so rest assured if you are working on the evening and something stops working we will have you back up and running ready for work by the next day.  We work evenings and weekends because this is typically the time that you can afford to give up your computer to get the problem rectified.


We specialize in providing general equipment support for PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPad but if you have a problem with another piece of equipment then we will happily look into that for you. We focus our learning towards cloud based applications such as Google Apps, Salesforce and Sugarsync in order to keep up with the latest and greatest software available.  We are also well versed with Microsoft desktop technology including all Operating Sytems, Outlook and all the office suites.  We can also help you move you company towards cloud based applications to reduce your cost and increase functionality.

Remote Tech Support Software

logmein logo Remote Tech Support

At Wright Computing we provide Remote Tech Support using LogMeIn Rescue which is cloud-based remote tech support without pre-installed software.  Thus, we can connect to any device at any time by sending you an email with the directions to allow us to gain access to your computer.  Next, we rectify your fault either whilst you watch or whilst you carry on with other work.  Our techs tell you what the problem was and how we fixed it so you can do it yourself next time with or without our support.


Our services are charged at an hourly rate and billed to the minute so you only pay for the service that you receive.  If we rectify the fault in 20 minutes then then your will pay for 20 minutes not the full hour.

Individual rate for a single user or one off fault repair

  • $90 Per hour

If you would like our services as a more permanent service, using us as your go to IT guy providing an average of more then 10 hours of work per month then we will reduce our rate to;

  • $80 per hour

Please contact if you would like more information.

For a limited period we are offering a free demonstration of our Remote Tech Support software so sent us an email and we will show you how quickly, easily and safely we can take control of you computer.

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