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Here is a selection of how to videos that have been created by Wright Computing LLC.   These how to videos have been created to provide answers to questions that you might have about products and services you find around the web.  I usually create these videos when a client has a problem and needs a quick solution.  Sometimes if I have difficulty finding the information I will create a video to help someone like you.  Most of my how to videos are short, trying to give you as much information in the shortest time period.  I hope you find some of these videos interesting.  If you would like more information then please check out the Wright Computing Blog. Here is an overview of the videos with a brief description.  To watch the videos click on the image where you will be taken to the individual video page.  For all my how to videos you can visit my Wright Computing Youtube Channel.

Twitter how to Videos

Get More twitter followers How to Videos

Get More Twitter Followers, learn how to target high value tweeters to increase you targeted following.  Targeting followers immediately after they follow you means they are much more likely to read you tweets, increase your web present, increase leads and sales and hopefully become new friends.



Automatically send direct message on twitter How to VideosAutomatically send a direct message on twitter, watch this video and learn how to send a Direct Message (DM) automatically to your new twitter followers.  Targeting new followers is the best time to engage them as they are interested in what you have to say by engaging them immediately they are more likely to follow the links in your tweets.  This technique means you have a much higher chance to convert each follower into a lead, a new client, or customer and hopefully a new friend.

Facebook how to Videos

How to create a Facebook event How to VideosHow to set up a Facebook event, Facebook events are a great way to quickly interact with all your friends in your social circle, you can organize an event then send out an invitation.  All your friends who get the invite have the option to respond to you request and add comments or questions about the up coming event.  This video uses the example of a 21st Birthday Party to show you how quickly and easily you can create a Facebook Event and invite lots of people.

Stop facebook email notifications 300x207 How to VideosStop Facebook email notifications, Facebook is one of the biggest websites on the Internet and growing bigger every day.  However receiving emails from them all day is just not cool.  This video shows you how to stop receiving emails from Facebook about random things, this will free up your inbox and improve your Facebook experience.


Block facebook feed notifications How to Videos

Block Facebook Feed notifications, nobody wants to have their Facebook wall filled with notifications about feeding chickens, harvesting crops and whacking mob bosses so I have created this video to show you how to block applications or people from posting to your wall.  This allows you to set up your wall and prioritize your notifications.


Gmail how to Videos

Gmail Accounts How to VideosAdding additional emails addresses with Gmail, Gmail is really customizable, allow you to manage multiple email addresses from you Gmail account,  you can set up your company email and personal email addresses all to be managed from one account.  This video show you how to configure your account in a couple of minutes.


Google Priority Inbox1 300x237 How to Videos

Google’s Priority Mailbox, Google has provides us with a priority mailbox which helps reduce the time that you spend reading emails.  This video shows you how to set up the priority inbox including a quick overview. I use this on my Personal Gmail and my Company Google Apps Account and I love it.

If you need help with a problem then contact us and we may create how to videos that solve you problem.