Adding an additional email address for your Gmail account.

Here is a short video showing you how you can set up your gmail account to send emails from more then one email address whilst you are signed into one gmail account.  Hopefully this video will provide you with the information you were looking for.  If you would like to know more then visit the Wright Computing Blog.

Thanks for watching if you found this video useful then you may also like the video on Google’s Priority Mailbox which give you a brief overview of the Priority Mailbox by Google and how it can reduce the time that you spend reading emails.


Hello, this is Paul from and today I am going to show you how you can send emails from different addresses within one account.  As you can see, here in my account I currently send my emails from but I can also send emails from my gmail address which is actually this account which is or the email address that I use for my company which is

To do this you need to go into your settings and then accounts and imports and here you can see send email as and you have your different options. To add another one you are going to click send mail from a different address. Add an email address, this one is going to be my hotmail. Which I am going to add. Then follow the on screen steps, choose send from gmail because it is going to be quicker, then send a verification.
Ok so I have logged into my hotmail account and got my confirmation code so I am going to copy it in here and verify the code.  Then you can see that now Wright Computing has got So now when I go to compose a new email I can select here and send an email from Wright Computing my hotmail account.

Thank you very much for listening.  That is all from me for today, bye bye.