How to with Twitter

Here is a short video showing you how to set up your twitter account to automatically send all your new twitter followers a message of your choice using the free application Socialoomp. If you are a regular twitter user, I am sure you have noticed that you ofter receive a message from people that you follow. By sending an automatic message you engage your new follower when they are at there most attentive. This technique can easily direct them to where you want them as then such as a main sales page and improve your conversion rates. For more information check out the Wright Computing Blog


Hello this is Paul from and today I am going to give you a quick overview of how to use social oomph.  Ok so if you have not already then register and then once you are registered come here and log in. Put in your login details and click login.  Ok once you are here a couple of things that you want to do to optimize this for twitter. is to go to direct messages, edit a welcome message and then go to your twitter account. OK so automatically welcome, so you automatically want to send a welcome message, to all of your new followers.  So when anyone follows you they are going to get a message.  Now personally mine says thank you for following wright computing .com and I have enabled that as a web link so people can click on this to go to my website.  They I have said lets get together on Facebook and then I have put in a Facebook link.  That means that hopefully people are going to see this and then I am going to get traffic to my sites. OK and then we are going to save that, save is just of the bottom of the screen, which you can no see but click on save and thats how to automatically send a direct message on twitter. That’s all from me for today thank you very much goodbye.