Stop Unwanted Facebook Feeds

Lets face it everyone loves Facebook, however it can get very annoying when you keep getting messages that you just don’t want to know about. If you get asked everyday to feed someones chickens or wack a Mob Boss and you cannot take it anymore then watch this short video which shows you how to stop getting message on you wall that you just don’t want to see.

I hope you find this video interesting if you want to stop Facebook email notifications then this video will show you how you can free up your inbox from Facebook and there is also a video on how to set up a Facebook event for more great info check out the Wright Computing Blog


Hello this is Paul from and today I am going to show you how to remove unwanted notifications from your news feed on Facebook.

I am sure you have all been invited to harvest someones crops before but if you get sick of it then what you have to do is log into your Facebook and when you get the image that you don’t want, such as this one here, if you go to the top right corner you will see a hide button and then you can hide from that person, from the program or you can cancel. So what we are going to do is hide everything from that profile which is FrontierVille.  So if I click this then I will no longer receive anymore notifications from FrontierVille.

Also I have one from Google Chrome here, now I am happy to be their fan but I do not want to receive their notifications all the time, so I am going to hide their fan page too.  Ok so now you can go throughout and select anything that you want to hide or people that you want to block.

That all from me, thank you very much goodbye!