Creating a 21st Birthday Party Invitation using

Facebook is full of an ever growing list of amazing features and a lot of them are hardly used because we don’t know they exist. Here is a short video showing how to create an event using Facebook events. The example shows how to track the number of Facebook friends and friends of friends that will be attending your event, how to create Facebook events and also covers a few of the options to make sure you invite the right people from the Facebook events page. In the video I use a 21st as an example but your Facebook events could be anything you want such as Friday night drinks starting at you favorite bar, Poker night on Wednesday at my house, or Sunday morning bike ride starting at the church.

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Hopefully now you will be able to set up you own Facebook events and have your friends attend. For more video tips about Facebook check out the stop Facebook email notifications which will let you free up you email inbox to receive only relevant emails and how to set up a Facebook event which enables you to quickly and easily set up invites to to an event and see which of your friends will be attending. Want more? Check out the Wright Computing Blog!

Transcript for setting up Facebook Events

Hello this is Paul from and today I am quickly going to show you how to set up an event with Facebook. So you are going to log into your Facebook and on your left here, where it says events i’d like you to click on events and then you will come to the events page. so first things first were going to click on create an event. Then here you are going to add all the details of your event. So I am going to add a picture which is going to make people more likely to come. I am going add a picture of people drinking so people know what is going on. Then I am going to select the date, which for this event I am going to have the 30th June and I am going to be celebrating my 21st Birthday party. I don’t want to look at phone numbers for now, and then we have got a start time which is seven thirty and if you want you can add an end time but I am not going to do so in this case. Where is it? I am going to say town square Sarasota. OK and then more information, it’s going to be a fancy dress party and the theme is super heroes. OK so now we know what is going on we are going to choose the people that we are going to invite. So your going to select guests then and scroll through your friends and decide all the people that your going to invite. Now this is just a mock up so I am now going to send it to anyone because they wont want it. And then if this is your twenty first birthday party you don’t want everyone to come so I am going to uncheck, everyone can view this as it is a public event, so this makes it a private event and this its my party and I am happy for a lot of people to come because we are going down town. So I am going to say that guests can invite their friends and then all the guests that are coming are going to show up on the events page. Now all we do is click on create an event. Now you can see that this is a 21st Birthday Party and I am attending, once everyone else decides weather they are attending you are going to see their names down here so you going to know everyone who is coming. and you can write comments about it and all that sort of thing so if anyone has got any questions to ask, they can ask you. Well that all from me thank you very much Goodbye!

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