A quick look at Google’s Priority Mailbox

Google has recently create a new priority mailbox that you can use for Gmail and Google Apps, it is designed to highlight your important emails and reduce the time you spend checking and responding to email. I think it is great, I use it for both my personal Gmail and my Business Google Apps account. Here is a short video to provide you with an overview of the new Priority Mailbox.

I hope this video has provided you with a nice overview of Google’s Priority Mailbox if you would like to know more about Gmail then you may like this video about adding additional email addresses and accounts with Gmail for more information then please check out the Wright Computing Blog


Hello this is Paul from http://www.wrightcomputing.com and today I am going to show you about Google’s new priority inbox.  If you look at the top of the page you will see new priority inbox beta.  The first this we are going to do is click on this and then there is a little cool video you can watch and then once you have watch the video and you are happy with it click on try now. When your priority inbox is set up i will look a little something like this where you will now have three different inbox’s.  You have got your important and unread, over time Google is going to select the most important mail judged on how you read the mail and how much time you spend doing it etc. so all you important and unread mail will come here. Any email that you have starred for later action goes into this section and then all your normal emails are in the bottom which is typically what your inbox looked like before.  Hopefully this will have given you a bit of insight.  Thank you very much that’s all from me bye bye.