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Everybody loves Facebook because of how easy it is to connect with all your old friends, keeping up with what is going on in everyone’s lives and makes you feel closer to people who live a long distance away. However the main problem with Facebook is that if you don’t set it up correctly you can receive hundreds of junk emails. I have created this short video to show you how to stop receiving emails from Facebook and still receive the important emails you still want to receive.

Hopefully this video will free up your email inbox and let you enjoy Facebook a little bit more. You may also want to view my video on how to block Facebook feed notifications which shows you how to block peoples request to feed their sheep on Farmville or rob the local bookies in Mafia wars which have a tendency to fill up your Facebook Wall. I also have have a video showing you how to set up a Facebook event which is great for getting loads of your friends to come to an event that you set up using Facebook. For other great information check out the Wright Computing Blog!


Hello this is Paul from and today I am going to show you how to stop receiving hundreds of emails from Facebook. So first of all your going to log into your Facebook account. On the top here where is says account your going to click. OK and looking down you want to go to account settings. When it comes up you want to go to notifications, which is the third tab along, right here! OK now if you look down this list, anything that is checked is going to send you an email to notify you when something changes. Personally I like to log into Facebook to see whats going on, so I am just going to uncheck everything. Once you have finished click save changes on the bottom. It will tell you that the settings have been saved and now you will not longer receive emails from Facebook. Occasionally this will come back so it is worth going though and going this again. OK that’s all from me thank you very much goodbye.