Website Resources to make a successful site or blog.

Creating a successful website it much easier with the right website resources.  There are hundreds of programs available to help make a successful website, this page I highlight the best website resources I have tested to help make a profitable website.  I am affiliated with some of these products and may receive a commission should you decide to use them.  I use all these products to help create high quality websites that make me a steady income.

keywords Website Resources

Keyword research is probably the most important part of designing a website. Start targeting the correct Keywords and your website will quickly generate traffic here are my favorite website resources.

  • Market Samuraiis simply the best tool to analyze keyword value and track the progress of your website
  • Google Adwords – Free research tool that gives you lots of keywords that have very little competition


The first step to building a website is choosing a host and selecting a keyword rich domain, I would use one of the big sites these are three website hosts that I have used and had good experiences with.

  • Website Resources – One of the best available, they are my top choice and host all my websites
  • Website ResourcesI have used iPower whilst helping clients and found there services to be first class
  • -The biggest web host, used by several of my clients who are all happy with their services

Blog and Website Resources

After researching several top SEO websites on the Internet I found that the majority use WordPress.  It is the best software for getting great exposure and lots traffic to your site and loads of great website resources available including thousands of plugins and themes.

  • WordPress – Used to create all my websites. It is very customizable easy to use and the search engines love it
  • WordPress Plugins - Quickly and easily add widgets to your website that do just about anything including, social media, email capture, recent posts, advertising….
  • Premium WordPress Themes – Completely change the look of your site in minutes with a premium theme.
  • Free WordPress Themes – The cheapest way to get started, downside is you are advertizing the creators website.  My Favorite free theme is Suffusion used on my 21st Birthday Presents website.
  • SEOPressor – This is a must have for bloggers and webmasters who are not experts in SEO.  It analyzes each post and page and give you am onsite seo score as a %.

Making money with your website through affiliate links, pay-per-click ads and banners.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Affiliate Links

  • Amazon – Link to any product or page, create an aStore.  Amazon has great affiliate program with loads of website resources to get you started
  • Commission Junction - One of the biggest affiliates site on the Internet providing link to products for sale on other websites
  • – Promote software and receive commission over 50% of the sale
  • Click Bank – Digital affiliate sales offering commissions up to 75% this is a great opportunity to earn a lot of cash quickly

Website Analysis

Analyze the progress of you website, test and adjust to discover what works and what needs work to increase traffic and revenue here are three of my favorite website resources.

  • Market SamuraiThe rank tracker module shows you where your website is in the SERP
  • Google Analytics – Insight to website traffic, how many visitors, where from, how long they visited and much more
  • Google Webmaster ToolsDiscover who is linking to your website how each keyword is performing, site diagnostics and error checking.

Check out the Wright Computing Blog for more great info.  I hope you also benefit from these website resources, if you have other website resources you think I should add here with me please get in touch.