How to quickly get more website traffic

One of the quickest ways to get free traffic to your website is through traffic exchange sites.  I have added a few affiliate links on this page to sites that I use and have had success with I hope they will help you get more website traffic.

Twiends2 Get Website Traffic

Twiends is a great Traffic exchange site and how it works is you set a earn credits through one of 5 different methods.  1) Follow people on twitter,  2) Like someones Facebook page,  3) Spend approximately 10 seconds viewing someones website,  4) Watching a youtube video for 30 seconds or more or 5) Buying credits for $$$.

 Get Website Traffic

You then set up your account to decide how you would like to spend your credits and how many credits you will give someone for viewing, liking or following you.  One of the best things about this site is that you can trade between sites/profiles. For example you could spend 10 minutes viewing peoples websites and earn 30 then use those credits to increase your Facebook following and maybe gain 10 Facebook fans or you could like peoples Facebook pages and then use your credits to promote your newest YouTube video.  You can set the amount you are willing to pay so it is worth checking Twitter, Facebook, Websites and YouTube because you can earn upto 9 credits for following one person on twitter and then use those 9 creditsto get mote traffic where you want it.  If you would like to get website traffic quickly to your website and social media profiles then visit twiends and sign up for a free account.